132. Season 4 Recap Transcript

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Hey, everybody. Welcome to our season four recap. Four seasons. It’s hard to believe. So we’ve been over a year of EECO Asks Why now. The feedback’s been wonderful. This past season was great, with 36 episodes and it just keeps getting better and better. 


We really appreciate the reviews. They touch our hearts. They mean so much. The reviews have been coming in and actually going up more and more. I got two, I want to read for everybody, one from creativegirl67, not sure who that is, but she wrote,”Tune to this podcast if you’re hungry for some truth bombs, big ideas, hero stories, and lessons that will help you grow your business in more ways than one. Chris and his team at EECO are down-to-earth rockstars at what they do in business and this podcast,” and they enjoy every single episode. So thank you so much creativegirl67. And then there’s a mom8xs. Very simply she put, “I have really enjoyed these podcasts and the great people and stories it features,” and it’s that type of feedback that fuels us. 


We’re just trying to serve at the highest level. The guests are the heroes and it’s our honor at EECO Asks Why to put them in the spotlight, celebrate them because we truly believe at EECO Asks Why they are heroes that are impacting the world. You know, when you think about manufacturing and the businesses that we support, these are the people that are making it happen.


So when we look back over the last season here, we have some wonderful ideas. We had Paul Van Metre who was on talking about manufacturing and that recipe of differentiation. We had a bunch of power, drive and networking topics out there. And it just seems to be, that’s a, uh, area of interest that people like.


So, you know, people that shared there were Vic Parangelo, Chase Boehlke, who also was one of the very first episodes that we worked with. And then Brandon Mendoza as well. And then several guests gave their insight to their specific industries. And I think back on like Claire Stevens, when she was talking about being an engineer there at the University of North Carolina state and university rather, and the work that she was doing.


And it Hussain Al-Khalaf who gave us that really cool inside look at that pulp and paper, you know, talk about getting inside of a mill and then seeing it through his eyes. And then, we got a chance to really break down amazing book from Wendy Covey, talking about content marketing engineered. So just to the ideas were amazing.


We had the heroes. So the heroes were just so much fun to work with in the last season. Had people like Chris Luecke, our hero right there. He definitely was a lot of inspiration is so supportive as a fellow podcaster, Jay Flores, you have Renee Eddy, Tessa Myers, who took time with us from Rockwell, definitely one of the most downloaded podcasts that we had last season. We had Greg Paulsen from Xometry. Mr. Chung- Chee Tai there at BluePrint Automation, what a fun guy, and then shared his story. Jim Wertz there in Virginia, another, just a great, great hero. I think his story about the steel mill and how that he got into that business and supporting them over that weekend repair that he did, that was phenomenal. 


You know, then you have, people like Nirpal Sihota from out there in California just provided so much insight and wisdom. Mr. Bobby Cole, my personal hero now, I mean I was with Bobby last week, actually able to build a friendship with Bobby from the podcasts and I think about people like Lisa Scanlon.


Mr. Preston Hadley out there in Ohio, who is just doing a great job out at Envision. Ray Ziganto, the manufacturing unicorn, world-famous guy. Tim Wilborne, can’t say enough about Tim and what he’s doing at TW Controls. And again, if you’re not following TW Controls, shame on you, go follow him. And then last, our last hero was Mr. Mike Cromheecke with SteamChain.io. 


Just can’t express enough the heroes that we had, you know, and last season we tried a few new things as EECO Asks Why does. We had that round table discussion. If you all remember, go back and listen to that episode with Matthew Simmons, where we were talking about Ethernet IP and Microdrives. Pretty niche topic, but it was a cool new format that we were trying there with our product manager. 


And then we had our first really round table where we had the wood industry discussion, where we had Ray Tharpe and Vadim Kovalev and they were talking about digital marketing and how it’s impacting the world of wood and what they’re trying to do differently. And that was just really cool if you think about it, Ray’s in Virginia. Vadim is in the state of Washington. We pulled it all together across the country, talking about a great industry of wood. So that was just some fun stuff. And then of course we had some EECO team members. I got a shout out to them. We had Daniel Vaughn, Jonathan Fuller, Mr. Mike Rathbun, and who shared several as well as his hero and then K Sorsenginh our solution architect. So just a great list of guests that we had last month. What a blessing. 


So looking forward, season five, what’s coming up. Well, first of all, just want to update people on a few things you’re going to see differently. You probably noticed recently there’s a new cadence. We’re dropping twice a week. We had increased it to three, but we said, you know what? We want to really focus on the guests, put that spotlight on them. So you will see every week, one idea and one hero drop. And we’re going to do our best to make sure to the listeners out there, get the topics that are important and that also we give the guests that spotlight that they deserve. 


Some topics that are coming and I’m excited for him to hit your podcast is CMMS, MES systems. We’re going to be talking about microgrids. Uh, and then we even got a conversation with an author and she talks about Leading with Grit and Grace. Now I’m always going to let that hang. I’m not going to tell you who it is yet. You have to wait and get it when it comes out, but when you see that Leading with Grit and Grace conversation, you’ll definitely want to jump on that. 


So what we’re trying to hope to do more in the future? Well, we’re trying to get more insight from people in industry. So if you listen and you’re a regular EECO Asks Why listener, and you’ve really find value, send us a message because you’re the people that are making it happen. You’re making this country grow and you’re the ones that we want to spotlight and put on EECO Asks Why so please reach out to us. There are multiple different ways via LinkedIn via our website that you can do that.


So I talk a lot about heroes and things that are going on in people’s lives and families. On a personal note, the Grainger family here, we’re expecting an addition in next season to our family. So we’re expecting a little girl. We named her Lily Grace. She’s due in August. So that’s right in the middle of our next season. We’re very excited. Nerves are up. Just to be honest, be very, up fourth with the listeners. Last year, we lost a child and she was stillborn. It was a very traumatic time for our family. And I shared this with you all, just cause I know the people out there listening they care and you know, I feel like our guests are real with you all. So why shouldn’t I be? So we’re pumped up. We’re excited. We’re anxious, but hopefully in August, when we’re recording here at the EECO Asks Why studio, we may have to take some breaks from that from time to time, if maybe a baby’s crying in the background, but don’t worry we’ll get that out so you don’t have to hear that out there if you’re listening to us while you’re doing your morning run. So other than that, it’s going to be a fun summer. We’re going to try to get to the beach, toes in the sand. Hope that you can do that as well with you and your family, while you’re at the beach while you’re strolling, throw that EECO Asks Why on and check us out.


Also, please follow us on YouTube. You’ll probably notice we started dropping every episode on YouTube. So you can see our heroes in action. A lot of times I’m making references to things that are in the background. So if you check us out on YouTube, you’ll be able to see that. Instagram, @EECOAsksWhy, follow us there. That hits my phone directly love to communicate with people there. So we’re, we’re doing a great job. Our, our marketing coordinator, Andi, she does phenomenal posts and does a great job of putting that stuff out there. And as well as our executive producer, Adam Sheets. Just the work behind the scenes cannot say enough about the team that we have here, trying to just create the content that matters to you.


So hit us up on Instagram. Hit us up on LinkedIn or Facebook. We’re there every day. And remember, just keep asking why, and if you’re enjoying this, please share it with other people, let them know about it, let them know what you think. Give us those other ideas you want us to talk about and thank you so much for taking the time with us on EECO Asks Why.