Planning for Aging Automation and Control Systems

No need to rip and replace. We’ll help you update at your pace, in your time.

Much of America’s electrical infrastructure is somewhere between end of life and total obsolescence.

How many of your systems are nearing end of life?


Of U.S. plants are more than 20 years old*



Of legacy automation systems are reaching end of life*


Of manufacturers do not have an upgrade plan*

How much are aging systems costing industry?

The costs of legacy control and power systems is sobering…



In annual unscheduled downtime to industry

Modern systems cost a fraction to support, and offer increased reliability, connectivity and capability.



In annual power failures and quality costs

*Arc Advisory Group

What We Do

Things change as years pass by. People retire, lines are rearranged, new equipment is installed, and ultimately things are forgotten. It happens. That’s why an Installed Base Evaluation (IBE) is important, because it defines a necessary truth that enables prioritization and planning for the future.

An IBE or equipment assessment provides the blueprint for modernization.


We provide both IBEs and assessments through a combination of our in-house technicians and select manufacturer teams.

How We Do It

The actual path to “smart” does not have to be an expensive, complicated endeavor. This three-step approach follows the concept of progression: taking small steps today toward a fully enabled tomorrow.


The Installed Base Evaluation

The blueprint for modernization. Get a handle on what you have in place – from opportunities to threats. Read this to learn more about IBEs.

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The Smart Tech Review

Get a first-hand demo of the available technology based on the discovery from your IBE. Read this to learn more about Smart Tech Reviews.

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Device Standards Planning Your Progression

Information and device-level planning templates to help you think through your requirements and set device standards.

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Read a real-world IBE case study with Oreo-maker Mondelez International, Inc.

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Where We Do It

IBEs can target a system, subsystem, equipment grouping (i.e. PLC cabinets) or more broad portions of the entire electrical infrastructure. We can tailor our approach to your specific scope and needs.

Once completed, you can use the IBE as a blueprint to begin planning and prioritizing upgrades, which in many cases will be very straightforward.

Power Distribution Panels

Power Distribution Panels

Electrical Storerooms

Electrical Storerooms

Electrical Control Panels

Electrical Control Panels

Motor Control Center

Motor Control Center

Industrial Networks

Industrial Networks

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