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Bringing Smart Manufacturing and Connected Enterprise together

In the modern age of manufacturing, you’re challenged to make improved business decisions with every project. Achieving OEE goals and managing predictive maintenance is challenging but applying smart devices via intelligent network infrastructure will enable you to easily monitor variables and collect important data. EECO can help you answer your most important efficiency questions through network solutions.

Are you like most manufacturers who struggle with IIoT processes?


Of all computers in industrial infrastructure where attacked by ransomware “Wannacry”a

Is your network Secure enough to withstand a serious threat?


Vulnerabilities in Industrial Control system are found in Scada/HMI, 16% in PLCSb.

Is your IT security measures protecting your system or impacting your OEE?


Growth in industrial wireless devices annually, contributing to 6% of total industrial networkc.

Do you have the network infrastructure to support wireless and mobility?

What We Do

EECO is a One-Stop Solution for All of Your Network Needs

Receive a secure, resilient and reliable network infrastructure integrated it into your industrial control system based on your unique application.

Through a wide variety of hardware, software, solutions and services, you will get a network designed to the requirements of the manufacturer while offering a tailor-made architecture to suit the plant network – bridging the enterprise gap by making the network available to OT and secured by IT.

How We Do It

Our experts collaborate to design a network combining best practices and latest technology

Whether it’s a new network or upgrading your existing network, we’ll guide you every step to ensure that your path to IIOT is seamless and uninterrupted.

Starting with a cable refresh, your network will be redesigned with the correct hardware and software for your application. Managing your network switches will be made easy.  Adding Servers and remote access capabilities to your network. Security and Availability are the two factors that will be considered at every step.

  1. Start with a Network Assessment and Design
  2. Pick the right hardware and software to support your future needs
  3. Constantly maintain and monitor the network

Where We Do It

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