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What is the Industrial IoT Lab?

We built a hands-on smart lab in Richmond VA, to help meet the needs of modern manufacturing using state-of-the-art technologies. The Industrial IoT Lab is a hands-on discovery environment created to explore industrial networking, manufacturing software, and smart devices over EtherNet/IP.

Why We Built It

The question isn’t do you need to modernize, but where do you start?

The surge in ethernet adoption, combined with lower hardware costs, is rapidly changing how we interact with “smart” control and power devices.

These new devices are embedded with better diagnostics, have their own HTML web interfaces, and are simply easier to start up and integrate. We are excited about the degree of freedom for design, especially as open systems become the norm.

Proactively Discover Valuable Modern Options in a Safe Environment

We understand that your time is limited, which is why we created the lab in the first place– to provide a guided, interactive view of the opportunities available to you.

What can be covered in a lab visit?

Review of Your Unique Challenges
Discovery of Smart Solutions
Planning Your Progression

Every visit will be unique to your challenges and goals. We will invest time to understand your day to day experiences and you’ll have the space to think creatively without distractions. This is a recipe for powerful improvements to your OEE.

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Download “FactoryTalk Analytics for Devices” to learn the basics of collecting analytics.
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Download “Industrial Data Center” to learn about cost-effective virtualization.
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Solving Real Problems in the Industrial IoT Lab

Duane, an operations manager at Kraft, came to visit the lab to give us first-hand feedback and suggest how to make this state-of-the-art lab better for themselves – along with other customers who visit in the future.

Our goal is to engage you with the right information at the right time to enable the right decisions for your business. After leaving the Industrial IoT Lab, you will be able to start from wherever you are in your journey toward your unique end goals with guidance from EECO experts.

Let’s think together.

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