Smart Manufacturing is Changing Industrial Automation

Access to data is revolutionizing the industry and connectivity is the key.

We will help you take small steps today toward a fully enabled tomorrow.

Upgrade your Equipment

Adopting a modernization strategy, even just small, progressive upgrades applied according to plant needs, is crucial in an effort to evolve with the future of manufacturing.
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Get Connected

Connected factories use sensors to provide access to unprecedented amounts of real-time data — trusted data that will transform the way you make decisions plant-wide.
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“The Journey to Smart Manufacturing for Industrial Automation and Power Management”

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Modernization for Aging Automation Equipment

No need to rip and replace. We’ll help you update at your pace, in your time.

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EtherNet/IP, Connectivity, and Smart Manufacturing Services

Access to your data will change the way you do business. We can help you get started at a pace you can manage.

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Getting Started with Smart Manufacturing

We created a guide to help you educate yourself and to break up this journey into small, progressive steps.

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What We Do

The actual path to “smart” does not have to be an expensive, complicated endeavor. This three-step approach follows the concept of progression: taking small steps today toward a fully enabled tomorrow.


The Installed Base Evaluation

The blueprint for modernization. Get a handle on what you have in place – from opportunities to threats. Read this to learn more about IBEs.

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The Smart Tech Review

Get a first-hand demo of the available technology based on the discovery from your IBE. Read this to learn more about Smart Tech Reviews.

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Device Standards – Planning Your Progression

Information and device-level planning templates to help you think through your requirements and set device standards.

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Where We Do It

EECO serves the regions of VA, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.

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New from Inspire

OEM Services

Do you have a plan in place to help you remain competitive and profitable during this time of disruptive innovation? As an automation company, we provide solutions to:

Reduce the burden on engineering, receiving and purchasing.

Fulfill large projects without depleting supplier inventories.

Observe ever changing global safety standards.

Design for productivity and scalability – reducing design time and providing for future scalability.

High reliability electrical systems with extended life.

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Need storeroom management solutions?
See our complete offering.

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VFD Services

There are more variable frequency drives on the market today than ever before. The requirements of almost any single application could likely be met by a host of different drives. Your selection criteria used will impact costs and support requirements of your installed base throughout the life cycle. So how do you choose?

That’s where EECO can help. Our methodology is flexible and begins with a foundation of goals, values, and applications.

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