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Welcome to Electrical Equipment Company (EECO). We hope that you will find a lot here to give you a sense of what the Dependable People at Electrical Equipment Company can do for your business. Our goal is to provide a suite of Real Solutions that can be customized to meet your unique business needs no matter where you fall within the “EECO-System”.Our teams have worked for over 85 years to provide you with value that encompasses a full range of electrical users and offers something unique to each one. But that’s what Dependable People and Real Solutions are all about – providing the right blend of electrical products, services, solutions and attention to detail that help make Electrical Equipment Company a vital competitive advantage to you.–  T. Jackson Lawson, President and CEO

Who is EECO?

EECO is an expert in industrial automation and electric motor control, with the benefit of full line electrical distribution.EECO provides a combination of capabilities not typical of distributors, including onsite assessment, performance evaluation, data driven recommendations, repair options, and supply chain optimization.Read about EECO’s capabilities »

Featured Products

Industrial automation solutions from EECO

Automation Solutions

EECO is a leader in factory automation and with our process & tracking capability, we can make repairs more convenient than ever.Learn more »

Electric motor control from EECO

Motor Control

EECO can help you reduce costs and maximize motor reliability while managing risks and discovering improvement opportunities.Learn more »

Electrical supplies and inventory management services from EECO

Electrical Supplies

EECO’s full line distribution includes the highest quality electrical products. We offer a complete suite of inventory management services.Learn more »

Motor Maintenance and Reliability white paper from EECOWhat would it be worth if your shop could help you add one additional year of life to every motor in your facility?

Our Motor Maintenance and Reliability white paper answers that and much more.

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