How do you start climbing the mountain that is Smart Manufacturing?

IIoT, Industrie 4.0, and Connected Enterprise are a few perspectives on smart manufacturing. There are proven benefits, but the challenge is how to get started. We created a guide to help you educate yourself and to break up this journey into small, progressive steps.

quote“Smart Manufacturing (SM) systems are “fully-integrated, collaborative manufacturing systems that respond in real time to meet changing demands and conditions in the factory, in the supply network, and in customer needs.”

– National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

Smart Manufacturing is Proven

At plant (e.g., factory) level, the Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition (SMLC) estimates that the demand-driven, efficient use of resources and supplies in highly optimized plants leveraging smart manufacturing techniques will lead to*:

improvement in overall operating efficiency

reduction in safety accidents

improvement in energy efficiency

reduction in cycle times

reduction in consumer packaging

reduction in water usage

*A Policymaker’s Guide to Smart Manufacturing – Stephen Ezell, Economic Benefit – SMLC

Groups Dedicated to Advancing Smart Manufacturing

The Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition (SMLC) is developing the nation’s first open smart manufacturing platform for collaborative networked information industrial applications.


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Get Started

These tools will help you get started on your journey.

Download The Journey to Smart Manufacturing Guide

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Download sample exercises to help with creative thinking and device specification

(From Chapter 4 “Journey to Smart Manufacturing”)

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The sample exercises, combined with the IBE and Smart Tech Update, are used to develop clear data and information requirements that steer selection of actual devices. The progression planning process looks like this:

We advocate a deliberate process of progression, working over time toward greater capability. The key is time, and the sooner you get started the better.

Additional Reading

Modernizing your equipment for Smart Manufacturing requires establishment of new practices, awareness of performance benchmarks, and cultural change. These references are a great start to help expand your scope.

Modernization of Industrial Machines

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MESA International. White Paper 52. Smart Manufacturing – Landscape Explained

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Enterprise IoT (Internet of Things): Strategies & Best Practices for Connected Products and Services

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Industrial Ethernet, Second Edition

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Smart Manufacturing The Next Revolution in Manufacturing by CMTC & SMLC

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Common Industrial Protocol (CIP™) and the Family of CIP Networks by ODVA

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