Progressing into a new era of automation and power management

Smart Manufacturing is here and it’s bringing real-time insight to the factory floor. Access to your data will change the way you do business. We can help you get started at a pace you can manage.

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How much plant floor data are you getting? How do you use it?

Modern industry is ultra-competitive, and data is leveling the playing field. Taking small steps today and working through a plan of progression, you can plot a cost effective path to smart manufacturing.

Linking devices machines and platforms

60% of manufacturers lack basic connectivity.

Creating actionable, real-time data

Most desired insights – better production forecasting and plant performance metrics

Acting on power analytics

Combine history with real time data. Utilize predictive performance data and Identify best practice process benchmarks.

Faster decisions that yield better results

The top 80% achieve 10% better OEE

What We Do

Smart Manufacturing is the destination. We help you plan the journey.

Internet of Things (IoT), fully integrated systems, and the promise of big data sound great. But how do you find the time, money, and buy-in to actually get there?

That’s where we can help.

With every upgrade or project you can make deliberate change toward more real-time data capabilities. We help you plan, justify, and implement that change at a scale you can manage. We do this through a process of progression.

Progression is taking small steps today toward a fully enabled tomorrow.

And the key to progression is smart devices.

How We Do It

We use a three-step process to explore how to assess your equipment, consider new technologies, and develop a plan to embrace Smart Manufacturing.

The Installed Base Evaluation

The blueprint for modernization. Get a handle on what you have in place – from opportunities to threats. Read this to learn more about IBEs.

The Smart Tech Review

Get a first-hand demo of the available technology based on the discovery from your IBE. Read this to learn more about Smart Tech Reviews.

Device Standards
– Planning Your Progression

Information and device-level planning templates to help you think through your requirements and set device standards.

Modernization – A Design Opportunity for a New Future

Things change as years pass. People retire, lines are rearranged, new equipment is installed, and ultimately things are forgotten. It happens. That’s why an Installed Base Evaluation (IBE) is important, because it defines a necessary truth that enables prioritization and planning for the future.

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Connecting with EtherNet/IP

Connectivity is the ultimate enabler, and Industrial Ethernet is the fastest growing network globally.
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Why EtherNet/IP?

EtherNet/IP is the leading Ethernet protocol in the US, and the fastest growing worldwide.

How reliable is your network?

This ain’t your office Ethernet! Industrial networks are purposely designed for reliability, performance, and security. We can help you assess the health of your networks, design improvements, and certify results.

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The Smart Tech Review

Exploring new opportunities in functional performance and diagnostics

Smart Devices – The building blocks of progression

The data has always lived in your devices; it’s just become much easier to access and act on.

Motor Overload Relays

Variable Frequency Drives

Flow Meters

Temperature & Pressure Transmitters

Circuit Breakers

Power Meters


Load Cells

What opportunities could smart devices create for you?

Get a hands-on experience in our lab.

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Planning Your Progression

No Need to Rip and Replace

It’s unrealistic to completely overhaul all your existing equipment. That’s why we advocate a deliberate process of progression, introducing smart devices and connectivity over time.

Define your Goals and Get Started

It’s possible to systematically introduce smart devices based on specific data needs that will influence your most critical metrics. Use our creative exercises as a starting point to discover opportunities where real-time data can truly affect your core objectives. Then leave it to us to help you define device and network standards and create an implementation plan.

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