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Running a smooth storeroom is challenging. It’s a delicate balance between inventory maintenance, competitive pricing and putting out fires. Let us manage your storeroom while you focus on what matters most — keeping your customers happy.

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Electrical Storeroom Optimization

Storeroom managers need competent partners that can proactively support both inventory management and storeroom operations. There is too much for one person to do, and no room for hand holding or broken promises.  The EECO Electrical Storeroom Program combines a deep bench of electrical professionals with an optimizing system to provide the critical analysis and added capacity required to get it all done – with less stress.

  • Fewer overdue work orders and stock-outs
  • Better shift transitions
  • Improved emergency response

The EECO Electrical Storeroom Program

We organize and optimize every aspect of the electrical storeroom with the goal of making it an epicenter of efficiency. Our approach is tailored to your needs, with a procedure driven process that yields documented savings.

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Five Steps to an Efficient Electrical Storeroom

Years of experience distilled into 5 easy steps.

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How We Do It

We are committed to efficiency and process.

We begin every project the same way, by listening.

We sweat every detail.  We build personal partnerships.

We stand ready to address any challenges that arise, day or night.

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“If no one is waiting on something from me to do their job, that’s success.”

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“My job is simple — control costs without compromising product quality.”

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