EECO’s Three Core Capabilities

EECO’s three core capabilities speak to your needs that are not often addressed by the supplier market.

Onsite Assessment:

Definition Measurement, collection and documentation of data at the specific site of interest and under conditions of use.
Relevance Data collected from actual site conditions provides the discovery required to define and validate improvement plans.  This methodology provides a foundation of integrity and accountability for all participants.
Application We will send a team of domain specialists to the site to collect data under actual conditions.  Applications could be an installed base evaluation, a purchasing and storeroom evaluation, or a reliability assessment of installed system components.  The collection of data may require several days and specialized equipment depending on the application.

Data Driven Recommendations:

Definition Recommendations with traceability to conclusions drawn from collected data.  Recommendations and conclusions are substantiated by demonstrated proof, governing documentation, testimonials, or credible third party  evidence.
Relevance Data driven recommendations maximize opportunity, minimize risks, and give legitimacy to improvement plans.  This methodology challenges cultural bias and provides a common foundation of expectation for all participants.
Application We will assign an analysis team based on scope and specialty.  Conclusions will be developed in consideration of your goals and the application(s).  A domain expert will review the conclusions and document any relevant alternative opinion.  Finally, a written recommendation will be provided, together with substantiating proof points.

Performance Evaluation:

Definition An assessment of the actual performance of a program, such as inventory management, a product migration, a maintenance practice, or an installed system.
Relevance Available resources and complexity make it difficult to evaluate the success of an improvement initiative or installation.  We can provide the personnel and methodology to make an evaluation and drive accountability.
Application We will send a team of application specialists to the site to measure performance under actual conditions. This may  require several days and specialized equipment depending on the application. Wherever possible the evaluation will compare the current state to a previous state to provide clear contrast.