What is Connected Enterprise?

It’s a system for industrial operation that’s intelligent, optimized and secure – converging Information Technology (IT) and Operations Technology (OT) into a single architecture so you can capitalize on real time information. Collecting important data from the beginning of the manufacturing process until the end allows you to make faster strategic decisions.

EECO can help you improve production quality and meet demand more precisely by helping you achieve a Connected Enterprise for your business.

Benefits of a Connected Enterprise

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Faster time to market

Design productivity, faster commissioning times with intelligent devices, quicker startup of Greenfields, proven technology around risk mitigation for operations and IT, and the agility to respond to customer trends more quickly.

Lower total cost of ownership

Better life-cycle management, enabling more effective operations, improved energy management, and easier technology migration.

Improved asset utilization and optimization

Improved reliability and quality, and predictive maintenance driven by operational intelligence tools.

Enterprise risk management

Protection of intellectual property and brand image with a safe and secure operating environment, reduced exposure due to poor product quality and internal and external threats.

Connected Enterprise Execution Model

Learn the 5 key stages necessary to operationalize the Connected Enterprise Execution Model

Connected Enterprise within a facility – What does it look like?

Learn how the Connected Enterprise adds value to the manufacturing process at Rockwell Automation.

The 5 Stages of Connected Enterprise

How do you move from theorizing to rationalizing and operating it?




Secure & Upgrade


Working Data Capital


Operational Benefits


Optomize & Collaborate


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