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PM Optimizing Predictive and preventive maintenance services designed for high performance maintenance programs.

Got a problem motor or an intermittent issue?
A reliability assessment can identify the problems.

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How-To Help
Tools and methods to plan, justify, and implement a motor based reliability program.
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What Can We Find?


Loose clips and other high resistance connections.


Loose JBOX connections.


Misfiring drives


Damaged/leaking cables


Broken rotor bars

Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) Program

EECO’s approach is designed for reliability centered maintenance and uses a combination of non-invasive technologies to optimize maintenance and keep you ahead the P-F curve.

Motor Circuit Analysis

PdMA static and dynamic testing. Baker step voltage and surge testing to IEEE standards.

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Motor Circuit Analysis

Vibration Analysis

The foundation of rotating equipment reliability.

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Vibration Analysis

Infrared Thermography

Nonintrusive electrical circuit overload detection.

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Current Discharge

Non-contact detection of electrical current discharge of VFD driven motors..

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Current Discharge

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How We Do It

We take on condition based maintenance in a different way.

We define outcomes matched to your maintenance goals.

We prescribe a program commercially optimized for you.

Together with quarterly reviews and annual evaluations, we keep the program tuned to your changing needs.

It’s simple. It works.

Preventative and Corrective Maintenance

Services designed to augment your in-house capabilities or provide additional manpower when you need it.


Installation, Commissioning and Startup
Turnkey solutions to ensure the operational readiness of your motors.


Laser Alignment
Maximum equipment life cycle begins with precision equipment alignment.


Dynamic Balancing
State of the art in-place equipment balance evaluation and correction maximizes in service life.


DC Motor Maintenance
Brush inspection/ replacement, commutator inspection/recondition & overall DC machine health assessment.

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New from Inspire

Tire Manufacturing Plant – Case History


There is always a fight for maintenance dollars. We have to submit a business case for every major maintenance activity. There is a little reserve money for ‘just in case’.

— Maintenance Representative

Maintenance management identified a need to establish a condition based maintenance program using condition monitoring. The corporate mandate came with a requirement to complete the program in six months. EECO was contacted to consult on program development and facilitation.

This large North Carolina plant manufactures car and light truck tires and covers 60 acres under roof, producing 32,000 tires a day. The plant has produced approximately 40,000,000 tires since start up in 1977.

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