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EECO is a full line electrical distributor that specializes in three core areas – industrial automation, motor control, and power management. Major manufacturers, OEMs, and contractors trust us to provide solutions that reduce costs, increase reliability, and improve performance. EECO is a knowledge based company, driven by ideas to make an impact for our customers. We invest in the capabilities required to increase understanding, drive recommendations, and take action.

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Achieve Results

I am responsible for our Company’s Results and for aligning my activities to achieve those results.

Delight Customers

I understand and anticipate our customers’ needs and drive innovation for their benefit..

Straight Talk

I regularly ask for and offer direct and timely feedback.

It’s Mine

I “Own It” and always ask the question, “What Else Can I Do?”

Value Everyone

I appreciate every member of our team and I recognize their contributions.

Think Team

I put the needs of the team first “because we are one EECO.”

Build Trust

I encourage and support everyone’s contribution and new ideas in pursuit of their personal best.