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Our Capabilities at a Glance

EECO is a full line electrical distributor and the largest Eaton electrical distributor in the Carolinas. We support industrial manufacturers, consultants and contractors in North Carolina, South Carolina and Northern Georgia.

Power Management


Planning a Motor Control Center upgrade?

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Power Management

Industrial Control

Eaton, Yaskawa, Banner, Turck

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Industrial Control

Electrical MRO

T&B, Mersen, Panduit, Brady, Hubbell

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Electrical MRO

MRO Storeroom Management

An optimizing program designed for storeroom professionals.

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MRO Storeroom Management

Condition Based Maintenance

PM Optimizing Predictive and preventative maintenance services.

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Condition Based Maintenance

Motor Repair

Worry-free repair services designed for
maintenance professionals.

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Motor Repair

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Local Training and Events

Training is offered at EECO offices and select vendor locations. Topics include but are not limited to vfd’s, motor control, arc-flash, safety, LED lighting applications, short circuit protection, and reliability.

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Columbia, SC | Rockwell Automation to Siemens TIA Portal | Automation Workshop

University of South Carolina

Sep 28, 2021 ; FREE

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Planning for Aging Automation and Control Systems

The average manufacturing plant in our market is more than 20 years old. Power components and electronics within these facilities are rapidly approaching or have exceeded their effective end of life.

How much of your plant power system is at risk?

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Power failures and quality costs the U.S. more than $100B annually. Only 20% of problems are utility driven.

What is the current state of your facility?

  • Reliability
  • Power Quality & Consumption
  • Safety
  • Documentation

What are your risks?

  • Risks Prioritization
  • Cycle Extension Plan
  • Motor Protection Assurance
  • Power Quality Assurance

What is your plan?

  • Synchronous and Wound Rotor Starter Upgrades
  • Air Circuit Breaker Replacements
  • Direct Vacuum Starter Retrofits
  • Circuit Breaker Modernization

Conducting a Power Chain Audit is a great way to start end of life planning.

EECO can help you plan for end of life upgrades. Click below for help with a Power Chain Audit and Modernization.

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Power Analytics – the Next Frontier of Optimization

Industrial power systems suffer from outdated technology.
“To break free and ensure competitiveness, manufacturers will apply new techniques to plan, design, and implement electrical power systems.” Industrial Power Systems Khan, 2008

What can power tell you about process?

Real time, actionable data is the new edge for U.S. manufacturers. Power is the next source. Start taking small steps today toward an integrated power architecture.


Connecting data-enabled power devices

  • Device level Connectivity
  • Smart breakers, metering, and motor relays
  • 67% of industrial energy occurs on a motor circuit.


Predicting failure with power diagnostics

rea time data 2
  • Preventative diagnostics
  • Load profile patterns
  • Real time monitoring


Acting on power analytics

  • Combine history with real time data
  • Predictive performance
  • Identify best practice process benchmarks

Optimize OEE and reliability with power analytics.

EECO can help you get started with your next upgrade. Click below for help with power analytics.

Power Analytics >

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