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As a storeroom manager, you devote a lot of time and energy to preparing for, and putting out, the inevitable “fires” that arise.

EECO understands industrial electrical distribution and our organization is staffed with experienced electrical professionals who understand the applications your storeroom supports.

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With your free, no-obligation, storeroom assessment, we can help reveal hidden inefficiencies in your operation and create a plan to help you take charge and eliminate them.

Schedule your storeroom assessment today. We’ll help you every step of the way. From helping set goals to sharing best practices to tracking and reporting. Because the more efficient your operation is, the less disruptive these “fires” become.


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EECO Inventory Services Can Help You

1. Get organized

  • Save time by making your storeroom more accessible

2. Manage What You Have

  • Effectively and easily manage your entire inventory
  • Know what you have and what you need at all times

3. Reporting and Inventory Control

  • Eliminate long lead times and excess freight  costs and reduce downtime associated with sourcing parts

4. Manage Product Migration

  • Standardize storeroom processes and reduce cost redundancies with Vendor Managed Inventory
  • Access additional staff and assistance for ongoing needs and requirements