Why Modernize?

Upgrades are crucial, and we understand that. With decades of experience, and manufacturing customers of all sizes, EECO can lead your modernization efforts and deliver what you should expect.


Reasons to Modernize

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Risk of Waiting Too Long

Today, you may have a fully operational system utilizing equipment that is no longer supported. But the risks are high.

Neglecting to replace aging automation components could be financially disastrous.
Consider the implication of a critical legacy-system failure. Inability to bring the system online could mean extended periods of downtime versus a shorter planned upgrade with EECO experts.

How We Can Help

EECO and Rockwell Automation will perform an Installed Base Evaluation which will determine the components that need to be replaced and the correct order for risk management.

You can quickly discover if your Rockwell Automation components have reached their end of life by clicking below:

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These popular Rockwell Automation products are no longer supported or nearing their end of life:

  • PLC-5 ®
  • ICS Triplex Regent
  • 1771 I/O
  • PowerFlex 700H
  • AutoMax DCS
  • 1394 Servo Drives
  • 1326 Motors
  • 1305 AC Drives
  • PanelView™ Std
  • 1336 AC Drives
  • 1557 MV Drives
  • 1395 DC Drives

Key Components for Modernization

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