The electrical contracting industry is comprised of a diverse range of companies specializing in a multitude of areas. It is a complex industry that has evolved to serve the demanding needs of very sophisticated and competitive customers.

The Largest Issues a Modern Electrical Contractor Faces:

  1. Increasing regulation and an ever more competitive market.
  2. The added technical hurdles brought by industrial projects.
  3. The layers of site safety, and increasingly complex specifications on design and installation.

Industrial control projects have always had an element of challenge, and the rapid growth of industrial networks and wireless technologies has raised the bar even higher. Smart motor control centers, peer to peer communications between power devices, and advanced variable frequency drive technologies increase technical challenges during installation and commissioning.

What can EECO do for You?

The future implications for contractors

Electrical contractors need more than bid and project support from their suppliers in the future. Advancements in technology will provide opportunities for better integration between contractors and distributors, especially in areas of planning and material handling. Innovative partnerships between distributors and contractors will maximize the potential of technology and result in a tremendous impact on labor.

According to data from the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA), revenues on average are broken down as follows:

  • 42 % to cost of labor
  • 34 % to cost of materials
  • 17 % to direct job expenses
  • 4 % to subcontracting
  • 3 % to profits

Philip Nimmo, Electrical Contractor Magazine

Benefits of working with EECO

Our capabilities and processes are designed to serve contractors who are interested in:

  • Maximizing profit
  • Keeping employees productive
  • Meeting deadlines
  • Reducing installed cost

Project Management

You can expect a full service portfolio from us including:

  1. Frequent communication and rapid response from a team led by your account manager, with delivery options to fit your needs.
  2. Bid support teams with take-off and value-add specialist.
  3. Design-build support in areas such as energy efficient lighting, power distribution, low and medium voltage motor control, and automation.
  4. Not just project management, but long lead time management for lighting and power distribution.
  5. Material staging, with multi-location options. We will help you manage your job risks and deliver when your team is ready.
  6. Job trailers on demand. We offer a simple lease designed for flexibility in the field.
  7. Storeroom management on the jobsite and tailored to your project.

Credit management designed for contractors

A repeating source of stress for both commercial and industrial electrical contractors is with credit and invoicing. Our credit team has learned to become a valuable partner to the contractor community, and when working with us you can expect:

  1. Surplus Material Reclaim – A contractor friendly return policy for unused materials, featuring expedited credit processing.
  2. Credit Risk Management – we protect our contractors by helping them secure specific documentation and terms from their general at the outset of a project.
  3. Project Oriented Invoicing – our contractor friendly credit department organizes job invoices by project and coordinates invoicing with draw schedules.

Specialized support services for industrial applications

Our core is Automation and Motor Solutions. From water treatment, to chemical and paper processing, to power generation, we are a strong ally to the industrial electrical contractor, especially in design-build scenarios. A few of our services for the contractor include:

  1. Motor control center layout and advanced modifications
  2. Designing for motor circuit health and protection
  3. Advanced motor monitoring, low and medium voltage applications
  4. Variable frequency drive systems and conversions
  5. Power circuit termination proofing and testing (prior to commissioning)
  6. Start up and commissioning of low and medium voltage applications

How to get started

Call us for a preliminary assessment. We want to understand your goals and requirements first, and listen carefully to your team. If there is a good match with synergy, we can get started together with a few easy steps:

  • Business Process Survey – This will help us understand your requirements and expectations of a distributor. We will explore your goals, the market segments you do business in and your preferences in material quotes and project bids. This will enable our team to develop solutions and recommendations to help you maximize efficiency and profits.
  • Material Movement Survey – Defining your expectation for material staging, delivery, site placement, and return. We have solutions that could reduce costs in these areas.
  • Storeroom Survey – See our storeroom management section.

Have we Sparked your Interest?

If you’re interested in learning more about our electrical contractor support programs, call us @ 800.993.3326 or contact one of our experts today.


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