Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) must remain competitive and profitable while facing ever-increasing challenges from global competition and disruptive innovation, including:

  1. Reduced or tight budgets
  2. Fluctuating raw material costs
  3. Increased competition
  4. Changing technology and global standards

Striking a balance between costs and innovation is a challenge for the OEM, often resulting in limits on engineering resources. The most successful OEMs often develop sophisticated methodologies to discern the difference in invoice cost and actual design or installed cost. Whether it’s a form fill and seal application, or simply providing an auto changeover solution, there is a balance to be found. While many electrical distributors advertise OEM services, finding one that actually understands your challenges can be very difficult.

Distribution and support designed for the OEM

EECO is an automation company, and we understand the needs of competitive OEMs. Our customers are typically searching for solutions to:

  1. Reduce the burden on engineering, receiving and purchasing.
  2. Fulfill large projects without depleting supplier inventories
  3. Observe ever changing global safety standards
  4. Design for productivity and scalability – reducing design time and providing for future scalability
  5. High reliability electrical systems with extended life

What EECO can do for you

Our OEM solutions suite consists of a service portfolio that you would expect of a quality OEM supplier, including:

Experience serving OEM needs has helped us augment our service offering beyond most distributors, beginning with our staff. We recruit professionals directly from OEMs or from manufacturers serving OEMs to ensure we understand the OEM culture. As a result, many of our account managers are electrical engineers, in some cases specializing in control systems. Our extended offering includes:

  1. Design assessment – our design assessment will examine for cost savings or design enhancements from a three tiered perspective:
    • Component level solutions
    • Discrete control solutions
    • Integrated architecture solutions
  2. Kitting of repeat assemblies
  3. Preorder planning and staging for large projects
  4. After action reviews for continuous operations improvement
  5. Periodic planning and exploratory analysis
  6. Electronic repair, including warranty support

Contact us for a preliminary assessment. We will discuss your goals and requirements first, and listen carefully to your team. If there is a good match with synergy, we can start looking for potential together by:


  • Design audit – This is a good test for initial fit. We will review a selected product line and consider improvement or cost savings opportunities.
  • Business Process Assessment – We will examine your standard requirements and expectations of a distributor, and determine how to best integrate our process.
  • Material Movement Assessment – Defining your expectation for material staging, delivery, site placement, and return.
  • Storeroom assessment – see our storeroom management section

How to Get Started

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