The K90 indicators are rugged, large 90 mm indicator lights that provide extremely bright and uniform illumination from all directions and longer distances. These multicolor lights can withstand high levels of impact as well as wash-down with an IP67 enclosure rating.

Which indicator is right for your application?  The key differences between the K90L and K90TL are listed below:

  • K90L
    – Available in 1- to 5-color models.
    – Only one color can be activated at a time.
    – Includes a flashing input wire that will trigger any active color to flash at a rate of 1.6 Hz.
  • K90TL
    – Available in 2- to 5- color models in one device.
    – Intended for use when more than one active color may be needed.
    – Indicators will alternate between colors when multiple inputs are active at a rate of 1 Hz.

For more information on Banner’s EZ-LIGHT K90 series, along with other products to improve your manufacturing process, see below:

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